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John Doe Project Notes


John Doe

1450 Anyplace, #301

San Pedro, CA  90732

Home: (285) 287-2877


Psychiatrist:  Dr. Newman, (285) 333-2121

Social Worker:  Al Smith, (285) 821-3100




Secure usher position at local theater

Arrange for a Department of Rehabilitation case to be opened.

Support him in his career objectives


02/07/19 Jim Brock

John calls and leaves a message about once per day.  I usually have a moment to get back with him. 


We talked a couple of days ago.  He shared how much he needs something to do.  I recommended he do some service work in his community.  He is looking into that. 


He asked if he could talk with me about his problems.  I told him he could.  I will use our conversations to steer him towards a psychologist or social worker to talk with.


John shared that his sister was mad at him because he whines.  I did not have a comment on this, although, I understand what she is referring to because he does have a tendency to whine when talking about his frustrations.


2/2/2018 Jane Doe

Did Thomas’ email and replied to a few leads. Applied to some jobs at Monster, but the majority of the applications submitted went to Walmart. A call from John went through today at 3am in the morning, but I did not answer it. I will give him a call when it’s 9am his time.


Got a response to go to an open interview but it’s for general laborer. It would be a good opportunity to practice his interview skills, but he may be turned off since it’s general laborer job. I’ll run it by him when I speak with him later today.


2/1/2019 Jane Doe

Established a Walmart Account; Username is; Password is Howlett11

Also applied at the movie theaters, IHOP, Denny’s and other local businesses near Thomas’s place of residence


01/31/19 Jim Brock

Spoke with John about calling repeatedly.  He felt bad, was afraid we would not keep helping him get a job.  I reassured him, stressed he only call once when he calls and asked him to call Major Williams and leave a message apologizing for calling so many time.


01/30/19 Jim Brock

Received email from Jane reference phone # referencing problem with John calling too often:




The 949-800-7634 but he can only call once. He crashed my MagicJack phone from the many calls. I’m in the process of getting the account fixed So that it can handle more than 10 calls/voicemails. It’s a basic subscription plan.


I should have the phone working again by tomorrow. The software crashed which required re-configuration and re-installing it on the phone, but I had to go to Frankfurt to get it done.




01/27/19 Jim Brock

John called and left a message.  I returned his call and left a message to call when he has a chance.


John called back.  We talked for a few minutes.  He wanted Major Williams’ #.  I shared that I do not know which # Major Williams wants him to have.  I told him I would be talking with her on Tuesday and I would ask her.  I repeated that John should only call her one time when he calls her.


1/27/2018 Jane Doe

Called John to see if he returned the calls of the potential employers. Did his gmail messages but there was nothing new. Also, did a scan of places to submit his resume; submitted his resume.


1/25/2018 Jane Doe

Went on John’s Gmail account to answer emails. He received two phone calls for potential interviews according to the email message. Submitted his resume again to several places


1/24/2019 Jane Doe

Redid John’s resume to make it look professional. Also created a Career Builder account for him. The password is Howlett1

Submitted his resume to several job postings.


1/23/2019 Jane Doe

Created a gmail account for John for his applications. I have been using my uni account. John’s gmail account is Thomashowlett11@gmail. The password is howlett11

Submitted applications for mailroom processor at Konnect Resources in Gardena and Acquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach


1/22/2019 - Jane Doe

Submitted application to Goodwill, and Albertsons which is down the street. I’m focusing on a 1 mile radius and then spanning out. John lives near a shopping mall so focusing on that today. Also submitted it to Kombuca Factory in Torrance, mail sorter at Lyneer Staffing solutions.

21 JAN Jane Doe – Called John and asked him if he got any call backs as three applications were submitted last week. He stated he did not. The applications were to Ralphs, the nearby movie theater and a yogurt shop. I also discussed with John phone etiquette as excessive phone calling, within minutes of each other, is not very professional. I told John that boundaries need to be adhered to because he can not be going up to a supervisor all the time as the supervisor may not

19 JAN Jane Doe – John called several times, blowing up the phone. I did not know that he called until Monday, 21 JAN when the messages went through. I had 10 messages from John.

17 JAN Jane Doe – Jim returned my call but it was 0500 in the morning.

15 JAN Jane Doe – Called Jim for our daily synch but left a message. I told him that I was working with John, but not much with Arthur. I also told him I’ll transcribe my progress notes into John’s google drive.

14 JAN Jane Doe – Talked to John. Told him I submitted applications to Kroger, the movie theater and the Yogurt shop. He was excited and wanted to find a job. I told him it’s a slow and steady process so we cannot rush.

13 JAN Jane Doe – John called at 4am in the morning seven times. I didn’t pick up. Called him back later and reminded him that there is a 9-hour time difference. I also told John that he does not need to call me seven consecutive times, but rather once is sufficient.

11 JAN Jane Doe – John called me 5 consecutive times. Had a discuss with him that calling once is sufficient as if I do not answer, I will call him back at my first available opportunity. I told him that sometimes, especially at 2am, I will not pick up the phone as I am 9 hours ahead of him. I submitted job applications to the local goodwill, social security office and the USPS. I had to call John for specific information (college education) that was being required on the application.

10 JAN Jane Doe – Called John as I needed to know that I started the job search process. He was excited. However, I am looking for a job that he can practice his communication and interview skills. I did some analysis on where he lives and what employment opportunities are within a walking distance of his home. I expanded the search to bus ride distance since he takes the bus as a mode of transportation.

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