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Individual Placement and Support (IPS) research/training:


Start with Career One Stop:

  • Connect client with Career One Stop services in their area as a first step.  It will probably take a while to counsel the client to the point they are able to go to a career center.  

  • Contact One Stop Career Center closest to the client and establish a relationship with someone who can greet the client and help them.

  • Use Career One Step Center to meet with client at scheduled times and work with client via Skype.

Moving Along to Employment: 30-Second Training slideshows:

Comprehensive, research based National Alliance on Mentally Ill (NAMI}


NAMI:  Road to Recovery - Employment and Mental Illness


Repository of Employment & Vocational Recovery Resources

Facts Sheets and Scenarios for Employers:  Job Accommodations for Employees with Mental Health Conditions

Ask Me Anything About Employment:  These are not presentations, but rather hour-long interactive question & answer webinars with an expert in employment.


National Research and Training Center (NRTC) /Self-Determination Tools

Stories of Vocational Recovery -YouTube


Wikipedia:  Supported Employment

Articles Published BU’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation


Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Practice Principles

Early intervention works!


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