Repetative work can be tedious for your staff.  Show them you understand.  Outsource it to us!


We at ETE are expert at helping our clients with those repetitive tasks, e.g., light assembly, envelope stuffing & stamping, direct mailings, etc.


We begin by our clients telling us what they need done.  We suggest the best ways we can do the task and get to work!



ETE is a different type of business service. We have highly motivated folks to perform those redundant tasks that need to be done with high quality and low cost.

Our solutions are are tailored to  your unique project needs. We perform at our office or your facility.



Our consulting services focus on our clients' repetitive tasks they wish they didn’t have to do.

We work on a strategy to get those tasks done over and over, freeing our clients to focus on the tasks they want to do.



Everyone is doing a great Job, and also pieces get delivered when Sakura needs pieces.


Thank you all at ETE



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